A holistic healing technique, dealing with pressure point areas in the feet and hands that mirror all the glands, organs and parts of your body. Pressure is applied to your feet with a walking thumb or finger technique, which activates the healing powers of the body to help improve circulation, relieve tension, cleanse the body of toxins and impurities which balances the whole system and revitalises the body’s energy. A treatment that helps a wide range of problems including migraines, back problems, tension, arthritis, digestive disorders and PMT.

(50 mins)..£60.00

Indian Head Massage

A traditional Indian and Western massage technique, you remain fully clothed seated in a relaxing chair where we work on the head, face, neck, upper back and shoulders. Oils are optional.

(25 mins)..£50.00

Dermalogica Touch Therapies

A relaxing add on to any treatment, a massage that lasts 15 minutes using specific movement to achieve ultimate relaxation.
  • Energising Facial Massage
  • Stress Relief Scalp Massage
  • Stress Relief Foot Massage
  • Age Reversal Facial Massage
  • £25.00